Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time for a Picnic

This is my fifth summer being here on the Rez, and this week I did something new.  Instead of heading over to the Granberry house in the morning to cook for the teams,  I picked up youth girls to work at the new church building.  When we arrived Monday morning there were two large piles of 2x6's.  When we pulled away on Friday afternoon, there were 9 brand new,  half primed, picnic tables.  Six girls worked with me and Bob throughout the week to create the masterpieces.  They worked very hard learning to use tables saws and drive screws.  I was learning along side them from our enthusiastic teacher, Bob.  The best part is we sweat and labored for our church.  These tables will be used to feed  a lot of people many meals.  I am so proud of the work they did.   And they are proud too!
L-R: Bob, Yaanibaah, Tionna, Riata, and Felicia

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  1. Quite a change from cooking, I'd say. Good job everyone!!